12 Steps in Holistic Living

12 Steps include a variety of applicable principles that can help patients modify negative behaviors, prevent relapse, and maintain lasting recovery. In a study by Litchke et al., (2021) exploring changes in emotional well-being, they combined recreation therapy, complementary physical and creative arts activities, followed by a 12-step Christian meeting, twice a week for 2 … Continue reading 12 Steps in Holistic Living

Emotional Intelligence in Motivating Change

Motivating a change is the hallmark of emotional intelligence (EI). It must be established in the mind as both a thought and feeling always requiring cultivation. Thinking (objective) and feeling (subjective) make up the mind-body-spirit connection in us all. Motivational interviewing (MI) is the process of discovering, recovering, and implementing solutions to problems (health issues) … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence in Motivating Change


Mindset is the precursor for understanding and will (choice). We develop this aspect with knowledge, skill, and desire. Our minds have two phases: objective (thinking) and subjective (feelings). Mood and emotions are interlinked with our mindsets. Emotional self-awareness is the Emotional Intelligence capacity that gives us an insight into our emotional state and others (Bryant, … Continue reading Mindset

Disease Management

What is a disease management model? How can this model be implemented by a behavioral health care provider in a medical setting? A chronic care (disease management) model (CCM or DMM) is an organizational structure to manage chronic conditions like disease in a primary care setting. Addressing chronic disease is a major challenge for healthcare … Continue reading Disease Management

Bipolar Diagnosis

There is no simple answer on what causes bipolar disorder according to Andrade et al. (2021), and disparities from the presence of psychotic symptoms in bipolar manic episodes were associated to male gender and younger age but not to indirect measures of illness severity. Bipolar disorders are a serious mental illness characterized by excessive mood … Continue reading Bipolar Diagnosis

Behavioral Lifestyle Interventions

How does a healthy lifestyle enhance a patient’s outcome? Describe three lifestyle interventions and discuss how they improve behavior management. The goal of a healthy lifestyle (quality of life) is soundness of mind (Santos, 2021). The ability to make good choices lead to fulfilling physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional behaviors. Patient outcomes vary per individual, … Continue reading Behavioral Lifestyle Interventions

Healthy Lifestyle

What factors contribute to a healthy lifestyle? What activities can be suggested to help influence a healthy lifestyle? Mindset (attitude) is foundational to healthy living. The importance  of psychosocial and substantive behaviors contributes to both the cause (spiritual malady) of illness and the success of treatment in the rehabilitation setting (Nathenson, 2013).  Applying the eight dimensions … Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle