“Understanding voice and ear when the time is ready.

Communications Integrity Skills Training. Inspired Writings. Advise for Building Influential Leaders.

Reliable, responsible counsel and skills for adults seeking guidance in long-term sobriety, pet bereavement or personal growth in leadership, communication and principle centered living.

Our great hope lies in developing what is good.

30th U.S President, Calvin Coolidge

Confidant. Advisor. Mental Health Specialist. Writer. Teacher

Integrity. Correct Sense. Real.

The way to success in earthly, spiritual endeavors is Truth, Love, Integrity and Devotion.


• Partner with mid-level managers and senior leaders to develop and implement policies to support the strategic growth of the business

• Provide expertise in the areas of feedback, performance management, employee relations, development, coaching, and organizational mental health development

• Offer thought leadership regarding organizational and people related strategy and execution in mental health and communication

• Work with the HR team to champion and accelerate a culture in which people feel engaged and inspired to provide top business results

• Develop people strategies and design approaches for diagnosing and enhancing organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction

• Support and execute upon core processes (eg, performance, employee relations, sobriety and safety)

• Analyze different types of employee reports to guide decision- making and provide proactive solutions to client groups

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Support Healing Services

GR Honored Cat Bereavement

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Knowing truthful information will make you powerful in making sober decisions.

Martin Santos

Engage. Inspire. Educate. Wonder.

Reliable Experience. Better Results.

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